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medium size Vacuum dryer taD

medium size Vacuum dryer taD
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nej SoH chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, 'ej vacuum taD dryer vo', qatlh sized Soj medium dryer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty taD joq medium size vacuum checking dryer customization taD desing je targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, 'ej DubelmoHchugh Hot toption jan contact tlhab jungwoq medium size vacuum.

fd-3 medium-sized vacuum taD HablI' QaD ghap refrigeration dryer

jan Description

vacuum freeze-dry technique, referred je freeze-drying je Sov je sublimation QaD. widely drugs, biological products, industries chemical Soj je lo'. tuj Sor Hap substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, 'Iw products, hormones 'ej enzymes biological tissue latlh, applied cham freeze-drying.

medium-sized taD dryer production 'orwI' muq pagh fd-3 Segh.

ngaQHa'moHwI'mey Features

1. DughajmoH Hoch SoQ refrigeration unit, bIQ resistant catching;

2. air-cool tuj sinks, cooling HurDaq cycle bIQ; yIlo'

3. laH lo' bIr von tlham naQ stainless yoDSutlIj naQ, pre-taD sample. gmp motlh ghom HablI';

4. Hat, poH SeH sample sublimation mIw automatic Hat SeH,

5. tlhab Hat measurement SeH 'ej samples Hoch rav, triple Hat protection sample Hung lulIngmeH;

6. thermal inertia, Hat uniformity lo', heating elements le' Hap 'u' chenmoH;

7. le' ghop gland jan nap, QaD 'ej reliable;

8.fd-3 applicable 'orwI' muq pagh production.


condensation Hat-45 ℃.

qechmeyDaj Huj vacuum < 13pa (0.1torr) load

freeze-dry mIchHom 0.3 m ghap 0.4 m

3 liters tray Hap 'u'

catch laH 10 kg ghap 24 h bIQ

jengva' gland Segh sample: Φ280mm * 5 patlh

HoS Requirements 380v 50 hz 3kw

host size 1250 × 660 × 800 (+1000 +515) mm

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