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ordinary Segh Vacuum Lyophilizer

ordinary Segh Vacuum Lyophilizer
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vaj nej SoH chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, 'ej Soj ordinary Segh vacuum lyophilizer vo' jungwoq lyophilizer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty vacuum pagh ordinary Segh checking lyophilizer customization vacuum 'ej desing ordinary Segh targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, nuqneH Hot tlhab toption jan contact.

topt-10a Vacuum taD dryer

topt-10 taD dryer chu' desktop Freezing dryer jan, suit freeze-dry ngong neH laboratory 'ej mach amount production.

DaH nobvam series: common Segh, Segh, branch manifold common Segh, branch manifold Segh yuvtlhe' yuvtlhe'.

topt-10a ordinary Segh Vacuum taD Dryer:

pong ghantoH je

topt-10a Vacuum taD dryer

yoS QaD taD

0.03㎡ ghap patlh

bIr von Hat

-55 (optional-80), ℃


< 10 pa

bIQ-jon capacity

3 ~ 4 kg ghap 24 h

tray Hap 'u'

¢200 mm

tray mI'

4 (optional 6) patlh

HoS naQ

600 W

'elbogh Dalbogh size

425*615*(370+445) mm

'elbogh Dalbogh ngI'

40 kg

tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch capacity

1.2 L

1. SuD environment-friendly product conform international motlh

2. lcd bey', chinese 'ej tera' interface, curve cha' QaD;

3. nuj bIr von tIn, ghobe' internal coil, samples precooling QaptaHvIS ghaj

4. DughajmoH compressor tIn capacity refrigerating, 'ej wab mach je;

5. Hoch corrosion-resistant stainless yoDSutlIj naQ, wov beq mIchHom bIr von yo'SeH 'ej je

6. SoH naQ taD mIw QaD lop laH QaH yuvtlhe' organic HIvje'.

7. laH lIS stainless yoDSutlIj naQ sample ta', common sample tray logh;

8. Qap defrost electric

Hap 'u' Tray:

Segh common: specially chut lulajpu'bogh stainless yoDSutlIj naQ sample ta', laH lIS logh common sample tray, laH chut lulajpu'bogh patlh amount vInaD; Hap 'u' tray diameter 200 mm, amouting 4 patlh, amount Hap 'u' 'oH ghot tu'lu'. mej 1000 ml (natlhlu'mo' mm Hap 'u' 10).

poH freeze-drying: SuvrupDI' Hap 'u' 'ach ghaytan 10 mm, poH QaD natlhlu'mo' je Sa' 24 h pagh vaj.

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