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qaStaHvIS-situ Vacuum Lyophilizer

qaStaHvIS-situ Vacuum Lyophilizer
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vaj nej SoH chemical, lyophilizer vo' jungwoq qaStaHvIS-situ vacuum lyophilizer, electric ta' Segh vacuum tuj taD dryer, dryer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty taD 0.2㎡ vacuum, pagh lyophilizer customization vacuum 'ej Hot toption jan contact tlhab desing je targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, nuqneH qaStaHvIS-situ checking vacuum biology, pharmaceutical je, Soj neH-situ.

tpv-10f Ordinary Segh Vacuum taD dryer

chaH Dapon 'e' yI Characteristics:

1. rIn pre-freezing 'ej QaD mIw situ je. equipped taD dryer observation Qorwagh 'ej QaD mIw intuitive.

2. partition tIj Hat adjustable 'ej yISeH.

3. pid yISeH 'ej QaD curve cha'.

4. tray sample mach neH luDan vaj ngeD Say' 'ej Qap.

5. valve je voQSIp optional.

technical indices:

1.freeze-QaD mIchHom: 0.2㎡

2. patlh partition tIj: 2 patlh

3. Hat scope partition tIj:-45℃ ~ 55℃

4. tIj logh partition: 70 mm

5. size partition tIj: 265 * 400 * 25

Ф22 bal: 370

Ф16 bal: 768

Ф14 bal: 970

Ф12 bal: 1300

6. bIr von Hat: ≤-55℃ (chIm)

7.water-capability jon: 3 kg ghap 24 h

8.material: 2 l

9. electric defrost: pagh

10. qechmeyDaj Huj vacuum: ≤10pa

11. style cooling: style, temperature≤25℃ QID

12.dimension: 660 * 700 * 1300 (mm)

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