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lcd bey' qaStaHvIS-situ Vacuum taD dryer

lcd bey' qaStaHvIS-situ Vacuum taD dryer
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nej SoH chemical, biology, pharmaceutical 'ej Soj lcd bey' qaStaHvIS-situ vacuum taD dryer vo' jungwoq lcd bey' qaStaHvIS-situ vacuum taD dryer, 0.2㎡ vacuum taD dryer, freeze-dry HablI' cha' lcd, lyophilizer, yIteb jIHDaq lcd bey' vacuum taD dryer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty cha' ghap lcd bey' qaStaHvIS-situ vacuum checking dryer customization taD 'ej ghaH targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq desing lcd , nuqneH Hot tlhab toption jan contact.

vfd-2000-situ freeze-dry vacuum dryer taD

vfd-2000 pa' ghotvaD mevbe' ghargh HablI' freeze-drying, 0.2 meters mach neH luDan mIchHom QaD, freeze-dried mach neH luDan box tlham, situ je. yIteb-jIHDaq lcd bey', programmable curve QaD. freeze-dry samples laboratory small-scale production pagh.

vfd-2000 taD dryer cha'-compressor cascade refrigeration condensation Hat-70 ℃, yIlo', laH Hoch wo' petaD sample pa' patlh pre-jengva' rur 'ej QaD.

tray 'ej dryer taD vfd-2000 dryer QaD neH 'ej samples vials pagh.


Hat condensing <-70 ℃

qechmeyDaj Huj vacuum < 13pa

freeze-dry mIchHom 0.2 meters mach neH luDan

2 liters tray Hap 'u'

catch laH 4 kg ghap 24 h bIQ

Hap 'u' jengva' 390 × 275

ta' mIv'a' patlh 2

77 mm ta' mIv'a' spacing

Requirements HoS 220v 50 hz 1800w

dimensions 652 × 700 × 1100 mm


1. freeze-drying, samples Hoch wo' pre-taD indoors 'ej QaD freeze-dried chong poS-Segh tlham, experimental Hap 'u' je situ.

2. tIj patlh Qap cooling, products, nagh pre-taD je yIteb taD dryer.

3. cha'-cascade refrigeration compressors, Hat condensing-70 ℃, pre-freeze 'eS Hat conducive quick-freeze samples.

4. yIteb-jIHDaq lcd bey' Qorwagh, curves 'ej mI' cha' qaStaHvIS rep working, condenser Hat, chromatography, Hat, sample Hat, vacuum.

5. laH, 20 pIm freeze-dry mIw ngevwI', 20 QaD mIw, ngevwI' freeze-dry curve je Hoch mIw.

6. QaD speed Dub preset ta' Hat curve, sublimation mIw automation, chav.

7. laH automatically De' ta 'ej De'wI' taD curve generate Hoch chinese data processing software

8. DughajmoH inflation valve, rechargeable voQSIp QaD pagh inert SIp.

9. Ha' je usb QumpIn interface, QumpIn interface je optional r485.

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