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ordinary Vacuum chong taD dryer

ordinary Vacuum chong taD dryer
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vaj pop chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, 'ej Soj ordinary vacuum chong taD dryer vo' jungwoq dryer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty taD joq ordinary vacuum chong checking taD dryer customization 'ej desing je targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq ordinary vacuum chong, nuqneH Hot tlhab toption jan contact.

fd-1a-80 vacuum taD dryer

jan Description

vacuum freeze-dry technique, referred je freeze-drying je Sov je sublimation QaD. widely drugs, biological products, industries chemical Soj je lo'. tuj Sor Hap substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, 'Iw products, hormones 'ej enzymes biological tissue latlh, applied cham freeze-drying.

ngaQHa'moHwI'mey Features

1. chong chut lulajpu'bogh, compact tlham, mach footprint.

2. Hoch, chut lulajpu'bogh ergonomic ngeD yo'SeH.

3. DughajmoH SoQ compressor, jen reliability, 'eS wab

4. cha'-compressor cascade refrigeration, nen cham, 'eS Hat.

5. bIr von opening tIn, pre-taD Qap samples.

6. chenmoH bIr von stainless yoDSutlIj naQ, bIr von qoD gho Doqqu' management choSay'moHlaH corrosion.

7. patent chut lulajpu'bogh draft tube vaQ mIchHom bIr von, Qapchu' QaD Dub.

8. DughajmoH inflation valve, rechargeable voQSIp QaD pagh inert SIp.

9. ngaQ transparent plexiglass 'In QaD pa', intuitive.

10. laH QamchoHmo' jIblIj Hoch tlhegh international Hol vacuum interface, ghaH Sar vacuum pumps.

11. Hat vacuum 'ej digital bey'.


1. Hat condensing:-80 ℃

2. qechmeyDaj Huj vacuum: < 20pa

3. yoS lyophilized: 0.12 m

4. tray Hap 'u': 1.2 liters

5. catch bIQ capacity: 3 kg ghap 24 h

6. sample ngop: Φ200mm × 4 patlh

7. HoS Requirements: 220v 50 hz 1300w

8. host Size: 492 × 540 × 800 mm


host, 2 liters vacuum pumps, Sa' (Φ200mm sample jengva' 4) jan QaD

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